Where are they now? Recs and Juniors ‘Race across the World’ July 2020

3rd July
Junior Squad This week a long row to the Island of Socotra which is UNESCO World Heritage site and known as the “the most alien-looking place on earth”.  It is a part of Yemen. There are 700 endemic species, a few less than the Galapagos. We are lucky enough to see Monocentropus ( a breed of tarantula), Socotran chameleon, and a Socotra sunbird in a Dragon Blood tree.  We also got to taste some Socotran pomegranate. Long row ahead. Next stop India.
Rec Squad Watch out for Somali pirates!  We are still rowing hard across the Pacific but nearing Polynesia and the date line. 12 weeks to do half way around the world is impressive but we now want the interest of island hopping. Also, our supplies of Caribbean drinks are running low!

13th July
Junior Squad
So we are out in the middle of the Arabian sea so no fun stop offs this week but lots of rowing so good practise. Unfortunately for us, from June to August the winds flow from the Indian Peninsula’s south western region.  Lots of algae sargassopsis zanardinni which is endemic to the Arabian Sea. We have seen lots of marine life tuna, sardines, billfish, moonfish, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, dugongs, blue whales, humpback whales, Minke whales, sperm whales, and orca whales.  No Sharks yet.
Rec Squad We managed a massive number of kilometres last week and at last got on dry land at the Marquesas islands in French Polynesia. By Friday, we were 560k on route for Tahiti but now there are fabulous islands to rest on during our route. Fabulous to be on dry land again after the main bit of the Pacific and now we feel we are on our way ‘home’ again. Luckily, we are all old enough to appreciate the cocktails!
Malcolm has worn out his turbo trainer, and everyone is really looking forward to more water time. A bit of canoeing has gone on plus some sculling. Best success story is Ruth learning to ride a bike!

30th July
Junior Squad
Sorry we have not had an update for 2 weeks but we had a very long stretch in the Arabian Sea.  But now have managed 2 stop offs first one was to Kochi in India. We went for a stroll along Marine Drive. For breakfast we had Puttu and Kadala curry. Puttu is a preparation of ground rice, layered with coconut shavings (and sometimes banana), and then steamed; while Kadala curry comprises kala chana or black chickpeas cooked in roasted coconut gravy. As we love an opportunity for a row, we went out on Vembanad Lake which is the longest lake in India.
Next we headed to Columbo in Sri Lanka.  We visited the Gangaramaya (Vihara) Buddhist Temple and luckily for us another lake to row on, Lake Beira.  We had plenty of tea and lots of nice food including Roti, Lamprais and Kottu. 

31 July 2020 Temporary Covid-19 Gym Rules … and please note Andy’s wonderful paint job :)

Obviously, there will be changes in terms of how the gym can safely be used for the foreseeable future. Please adhere to all rules. And for the safety of all members, if you see someone forgetting to adhere, please politely remind them. 

 Booking and Access 

  1. Book your session as you would any equipment at http://www.fitclub.me/login 
  • Use of the gym will be limited to one-hour time slots, with a maximum capacity of 9 in the Gym area (ie. one person per erg/bike + 1 Coach), we will have 6 ergs and 2 bikes that can be booked. No spectators, and do not wait in the gym area for your session to start. 
  • Ad hoc stretching can be done in the designated area, but if the gym is full when you arrive to stretch, we ask that you leave immediately and return when there is space. Please build stretching into your session. 
  • Where possible wear face coverings inside (excluding whilst exercising) 

On Arrival 

  • Please arrive in your sports kit. The changing rooms are not in use. 
  • Please sign in via the book near the entrance. 
  • Please maintain social distancing at all times.  
  • Please use hand sanitiser on entry (located by the gym entrance) 

General Rules 

  • Use of the gym will be limited to ergs, bikes or stretching mats. With the exception of the mats, please book your time slot. (DO NOT ENTER THE GYM IF CAPACITY IS AT MAX) 
  • You must clean down any equipment before and after use, please allow for ten minutes at the end of your session to properly clean everything. Alcohol solution and paper towels or wet wipes will be provided. 
  • When you start your workout, please clean your equipment, when you leave, Clean your equipment 
  • No shouting or singing as it promotes spread of the virus. Do not shout to get someone’s attention. 
  • With the exception of extreme weather, windows should be opened on arrival and closed when leaving. 
  • DO NOT MOVE EQUIPMENT. Three ergs are placed in the boat shed for outside use. 
  • Please leave before your session ends to avoid crossover with incoming users – this may mean 45 minutes of exercise with a few minutes either side for cleaning and sanitising. We appreciate your help with this. 


  • Showers and changing rooms are not in use. All members are asked to arrive in kit and shower at home. 
  • The kitchen is closed; all members should bring their own water bottle. 
  • Use of the weights is currently prohibited until further notice. 

This document has been put together in agreement with the management and rowing committee while restrictions are in place and will be updated as and when restrictions are lifted, is subject to change at the club’s discretion, and will be reviewed on a weekly basis. 

If you or anyone in your household are experiencing any Covid symptoms please do not attend the club and follow the government guidelines on self-isolation.  

All Members attend the club at their own risk and their own choice 

  1. Maximum 8 People + 1 Coach allowed in the gym at any one time. 
  1. Only Rowing Machines and bikes can be used. 
  1. DO NOT change or move equipment. 
  1. All equipment to be wiped down before and after use. 
  1. All members must book equipment via fitclub. 

To go www.fitclub.me 

Make sure you have signed up and asked to join Broxbourne Rowing Club 

  1. Select Broxbourne Rowing Club 
  1. Equipment 
  1. Bookings 
  1. Other 
  1. Select erg or Bike and Time. 
  1. No bookings more than 5 days in advance

Recs and Juniors ‘Race across the World’ June 2020

Continuing the travels of our Recs and Junior Squad as they Race around the World to Toyko and back again … in opposite directions.

5th June
Junior Squad
This week it was very hot in the Mediterranean. First stop this week was Malta, where we had some Fenek and a glass of Kinnie. Did you know that for the country’s bravery in the Second World War, Malta was awarded the George Cross by King George VI.  
Then off to Bengazi where we had a row under the Jeliana Bridge that connects Jeliana with the city centre and old town. And enjoyed some Bazin and a cup of Benghazi tea.  Now heading for the Suez Canal.
Rec Squad We had a good week too enjoying the Caribbean and Costa Rica after such a long time in the empty Atlantic. A bit of relaxation of lockdown has helped people to get out more now.
After Costa Rica we went down the Panama Canal which is $55,000 to go down but we managed it. We are now just over 100k on our way towards Hawaii it will then be more fun with all the islands there.

12th June
Rec Squad
I hope you have had a good time progressing towards Tokyo and hopefully managed more water time.  We have done well but frustratingly did not quite make the Galápagos Islands by last night although pretty much there now And could see it. 
The Pacific is enormous and covers 30% of the earths surface so this bit will take some time but once we get to Hawaii will be about half way round! 
Junior Squad
Exciting that you are nearly at the Galapagos.  
We (23 in the group Juniors/Coaches) have started our trip in the Suez canal dodging the ships and have reached Suez.  The Suez Canal is an open cut and without locks. We had a day trip to Cairo and had a row on the Nile. Then a visit to Giza to see the Pyramids. Plenty of good food and drink. Especially like the Sa‘idi tea and Basbousa, a dessert made from semolina and soaked in syrup. Off to the Red Sea next week.

19th June
Rec Squad

We enjoyed the wildlife on Galápagos Islands, and are now crossing the Pacific, named by Magellan in 1521 Mar Pacifico. That is Portuguese for peaceful sea. It is the deepest and biggest ocean covering 30% of the earths surface. It has 25,000 islands And we are now heading for the Marquesas island in French Polynesia
Junior Squad Great to see all the wildlife and you are enjoying the wonders of the Pacific. The Red Sea is a lot longer than anticipated but we have had a good week.  We headed from Suez town to Wadi Gemal National Park.  At the park we enjoyed the 450 species of coral and 1200 species of fish. Inland we got to see a green turtle, and then a camel trek to see some Dorcas gazelle and Nubia Ibex. So definitely worth the trip.
Then on to Port Sudan, we skipped visiting the Oil refinery and did some more snorkelling and then a trip to Sesibi Temple.  We have enjoyed some Miris which is a stew made from sheep’s fat, onions, and dried okra. Some of us adults, tried some local Gin called Araqi which you will never get in Sainsburys as it illegally brewed made from dates. Next week the second half of the Red Sea and onto the Gulf of Aden.  Enjoy your week

27th June
Junior Squad
This week the 2nd leg of our Red Sea row brought us to Djibouti.  We went for a trip to Lac Assal, the lowest point in Africa and saltier than the Dead Sea. We tried some Fah-fah (Goat stew) and the local coffee buna with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.
Now off into the Gulf of Aden a lot of water ahead of us.
Rec Squad We did well covering 1238 kilometres but that did not quite get us to La Marquesas in French Polynesia or across the date line. Very tempting to hang out a sail and use the trade winds but just resisted.
Bit boring this section so looking forward to the first sight of land.  We will be doing the reverse of yours eventually

Recs and Juniors ‘Race across the World’ May 2020

Shortly after lockdown back in March ( … such a long time ago now), Friday morning Recs, coxed by Noelle, kept themselves active and occupied setting up their Race across the World to Toyko and back. They were quickly joined by the remains of the Recreational Squad who like most members of the Rec Squad, don’t like to be left out of anything, especially anything as exciting as this 🙂

Keeping a record of activities, members send their individual reports to Noelle’s inbox, which surely must be bursting at the seams, for her to tally up, and record and measure, the distance covered before reporting back on how far they had travelled, which exciting island they could see, which country they were close to, or, with great excitement, which port they had reached.

Come late April, the Juniors wanted in too, and ably coxed by Mick, they joined the Race in early May, only, as you will see as the diary continues, took a slight detour (!) in the opposite direction to Tokyo … the shorter distance apparently …

This is a record of their travels in May …

4th May
Rec Squad
We stopped at Sandbanks in Dorset, Lands End then on to Cork so we could avoid the Bay of Biscay. Next Baiona in Spain, Porto, Lisbon and Portamao in Portugal clocking up just over 2,800k to get to Tenerife. We are now heading for Tortola on the BVIs.

8th May
Rec Squad Motivation still high albeit we can’t see anything as quarter of the way across the Atlantic
Junior Squad Over 600km and have just left a stop off at Guernsey (great weather) and now out in the Celtic sea deciding our next route.

15th May
Junior Squad
This week we headed to Bilbao and had a great time at the Guggenheim. Interesting fact Athletic Bilbao is the only European football club to exclusively sign local players.
Then we were off to Porto, no Port for the Juniors obviously but had a quick row on the Duoro.  Another fact we learned Gustav Eiffel was involved in the constructions of two of Porto’s bridges. Now on our way to Gibraltar.

22nd May
Rec Squad
We are finding the Atlantic tough and a bit boring but are now only 601.49 K from Tortola. We can’t wait to get to those iced coconut cocktails and rum punch. Might spend a day or two on the beach. 
Junior Squad
Juniors are all well and are heading the opposite direction to Tokyo so we can compare different stop off points. This week we got to Gibraltar where we saw the Barbary macaques, one of whom stole a pair of sunglasses (evidence attached).  Interesting facts,  it has no rivers or streams and John Lennon and Yoko Ono got married there.
Then onto Almeria where with any drink, non alcoholic for the crew, tapas was free. Now off to Algiers.

29th May
Junior Squad
Another great week for the juniors: first stop was Algiers.  The city takes its name (Arabic: “The Islands”) from several small islands that formerly existed in the bay.  Where we had some couscous, a Mazagran (Algerian iced coffee) and some Deglet nour (Dates) for the journey. Then off to Tunis, which was once home to Carthage and much of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Founded in 698 Al-Zaytuna Mosque is one of the world’s oldest.
Now off to Malta
Rec Squad Malta is lovely. (Short and sweet weekly update … can only assume perhaps they were still on the beach?)

Coronavirus Update 15.5.20

Dear BRC members,
The following has been put together in agreement with the Management and Rowing Committees while restrictions are in place, and will be updated as and when restrictions are lifted, and is subject to change at the club’s discretion.

The following is effective from Friday 15th May 2020 until further notice.

If you or anyone in your household are experiencing any Covid symptoms, do not attend the club, and follow the government guidelines on self-isolation.

All Members attend the club at their own risk and at their own choice, and must adhere to Government Guidelines at all times. 

  • There is no access to the club house, gym, kitchen, changing rooms or WC’s, you must attend the club ready to row and leave the club in the same way.*
  • There are several high contact points such as the gate and door codes, please sanitise your hands before and after contact (bring your own hand sanitizer).
  • All equipment must be cleaned before and after use with clean soapy water, including boats, blades and trestles. Club Boats and Oars to be booked via fitclub, your VC or Captain.
  • All normal security measures must be complied with i.e. shutting the boat bay shutters and gate when you leave.
  • All other rules still apply, please take care of equipment it needs to be shared by many, and please report any damage or issues via fitclub, your VC or Captain.
  • Please always bear in mind that at this time you may have to wait to access the landing stage and/or boat shed, as such we ask all members to remember to be patient and observe social distancing measures.
  • Only single sculling is allowed (if anyone wants to use a larger boat e.g. a double with members of the same household contact the Captain for permission and boat booking)
  • Only competent rowers are allowed out. It is advised against going out alone. Bring a change of clothes in case of capsize.

As supervision is required, the times below have been allocated for our Junior Squad only
Saturday 11am – 1pm
Sunday 1pm – 3pm
Tuesday 5pm – 7pm
Wednesday 5pm – 7pm
Friday 5pm – 7 pm

If you have any questions on the above guidance please do NOT hesitate to contact a member of either the Management or Rowing Committee.
*In the event of an Emergency the club house may be accessed.

Boat Booking
In order to book boats, please use the fitclub app or contact your VCC, alternatively please contact the Captain. We will be trialling a new boat booking system, the www.fitclub.me application. We would ask that all members sign up and join Broxbourne Rowing Club . If you need help with this, please do not hesitate to contact the Captain at captain@broxbournerowingclub.org or speak to your Vice Captain.

We hope you are all well and that the impact of the pandemic is not too great for you.

All the best
Broxbourne Rowing Club Management Committee

Recs are rowing around the World … and shortly to feature on Radio 5

During Lockdown, the Broxbourne Friday Rowers have continued to  meet up for coffee on Zoom and been training  and ergo-ing ‘together’. We wanted to encourage each other on and decided it would be fun to have a goal. Why not row around the world?

We set off from BRC rowing down the Lea to the Thames and then out to the sea. We then rowed the English Channel to Lands End and carried on to reach Cork by Wednesday 22nd April.

Gradually we were supported by more and more Friday Rowers, Tourers, Recreational rowers and even Learn to Row. We now have 26 adding to the distance on ergos, bikes, running, walking etc Some have clocked up well over 300k individually and the newest recruit is on just 2.6K but all are enthusiastically doing mileage even Chris Moody who cannot leave his house.

We are now just short of Tenerife having done a total of 2,852.84 Kilometres. Tomorrow we will launch out across the Atlantic.

We have visited Sandbanks in Dorset, Cork in Ireland, Baiona in Spain, Porto, Lisbon and Portamao in Portugal with photos on the way!

We will not stop until all are able to row on the Lea even if some can add real water time in before others.

Training with Mayes; new sessions added

Open to members and non-members.

New sessions added as of this week. Now including two Indoor Rowing sessions with Proathlon, with whom Rob, a member of our Men’s Squad, is a Personal Trainer. https://proathlon.co.uk/
Private 1-1 coaching is now also available.

Mondays, 8am Proathlon Instagram Live
Rowfit:  Interval Training with a combination of rowing and bodyweight training that will target every major muscle group. Free. Rowing machine required.

Tuesdays, 7pm Google Hangouts
Broxbourne Circuits: free for Broxbourne members and their families. Donation required if external to the Club

Fridays, 8am Proathlon Instagram Live
Rowfit:  Interval Training with a combination of rowing and bodyweight training that will target every major muscle group. Free. Rowing machine required.

Saturdays, 8am Google Hangouts
Broxbourne Circuits:
free for Broxbourne members and their families. Donation required if external to the Club

Sundays, 10am Google Hangouts
Broxbourne Circuits: Free for Broxbourne members and their families. Donation required if external to the Club

By appointment, Private Google Hangout
Rowathlon:  Improve your rowing technique and performance with 1-1 coaching. Donation required. Contact Rob via his Instagram @robwmayes or by email robmay6@sky.com

Broxbourne’s 2.6 Challenge 26th April 2020

Whilst little, well, nothing, has been happening on the water, squads have been virtually meeting for training sessions on a surprisingly regular basis … nearly six weeks in and various apps for meeting up have been used to almost their full capacity throughout … that is unless you’re Coach Moody and yet to join the wonders of the new smartphones and still relying on emails and messages ?

This is all about to change, not Coach Moody’s form of communication sadly, but a whole Club event THIS SUNDAY, the #twopointsixchallenge where all members, family and friends can join together to raise funds for Help for Heroes, a charity supporting members of the Armed Forces who ‘need specialist help from wounds both visible and hidden’

2.6km on the Rowing machine, or 26 mins … or 26km/miles if you’re really up for it (that just came to me when posting ?), or running or walking, or jogging round the garden, or cycling or yoga, or any form of exercise for any combination of 2.6 … except 2 mins 6 secs ‘cause …. umm … we can do more! ?

We have set up a Just Giving Page for donations. Please help where you can ?
Take pics, and post on social media tagging the club, or send them to Alex for sharing … have fun Broxbournites ?


Training with Mayes

Virtual training sessions are starting this week, the first having been held on Tuesday, led by our Coaching Coordinator, and qualified PT, Mr Rob Mayes ?? All sessions via Google Hangouts, which you may need to download.

Twenty two members tuned in for Tuesday’s session … here’s hoping fitness was actually being done and that lying on the sofa just watching and thinking about it wasn’t occuring 🙂

Tuesdays, 7pm Broxbourne Circuits

Saturdays, 8am to sub in for no rowing

Sunday, 10am in place of the indoor rowing class