Recs and Juniors ‘Race across the World’ June 2020

Continuing the travels of our Recs and Junior Squad as they Race around the World to Toyko and back again … in opposite directions.

5th June
Junior Squad
This week it was very hot in the Mediterranean. First stop this week was Malta, where we had some Fenek and a glass of Kinnie. Did you know that for the country’s bravery in the Second World War, Malta was awarded the George Cross by King George VI.  
Then off to Bengazi where we had a row under the Jeliana Bridge that connects Jeliana with the city centre and old town. And enjoyed some Bazin and a cup of Benghazi tea.  Now heading for the Suez Canal.
Rec Squad We had a good week too enjoying the Caribbean and Costa Rica after such a long time in the empty Atlantic. A bit of relaxation of lockdown has helped people to get out more now.
After Costa Rica we went down the Panama Canal which is $55,000 to go down but we managed it. We are now just over 100k on our way towards Hawaii it will then be more fun with all the islands there.

12th June
Rec Squad
I hope you have had a good time progressing towards Tokyo and hopefully managed more water time.  We have done well but frustratingly did not quite make the Galápagos Islands by last night although pretty much there now And could see it. 
The Pacific is enormous and covers 30% of the earths surface so this bit will take some time but once we get to Hawaii will be about half way round! 
Junior Squad
Exciting that you are nearly at the Galapagos.  
We (23 in the group Juniors/Coaches) have started our trip in the Suez canal dodging the ships and have reached Suez.  The Suez Canal is an open cut and without locks. We had a day trip to Cairo and had a row on the Nile. Then a visit to Giza to see the Pyramids. Plenty of good food and drink. Especially like the Sa‘idi tea and Basbousa, a dessert made from semolina and soaked in syrup. Off to the Red Sea next week.

19th June
Rec Squad

We enjoyed the wildlife on Galápagos Islands, and are now crossing the Pacific, named by Magellan in 1521 Mar Pacifico. That is Portuguese for peaceful sea. It is the deepest and biggest ocean covering 30% of the earths surface. It has 25,000 islands And we are now heading for the Marquesas island in French Polynesia
Junior Squad Great to see all the wildlife and you are enjoying the wonders of the Pacific. The Red Sea is a lot longer than anticipated but we have had a good week.  We headed from Suez town to Wadi Gemal National Park.  At the park we enjoyed the 450 species of coral and 1200 species of fish. Inland we got to see a green turtle, and then a camel trek to see some Dorcas gazelle and Nubia Ibex. So definitely worth the trip.
Then on to Port Sudan, we skipped visiting the Oil refinery and did some more snorkelling and then a trip to Sesibi Temple.  We have enjoyed some Miris which is a stew made from sheep’s fat, onions, and dried okra. Some of us adults, tried some local Gin called Araqi which you will never get in Sainsburys as it illegally brewed made from dates. Next week the second half of the Red Sea and onto the Gulf of Aden.  Enjoy your week

27th June
Junior Squad
This week the 2nd leg of our Red Sea row brought us to Djibouti.  We went for a trip to Lac Assal, the lowest point in Africa and saltier than the Dead Sea. We tried some Fah-fah (Goat stew) and the local coffee buna with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.
Now off into the Gulf of Aden a lot of water ahead of us.
Rec Squad We did well covering 1238 kilometres but that did not quite get us to La Marquesas in French Polynesia or across the date line. Very tempting to hang out a sail and use the trade winds but just resisted.
Bit boring this section so looking forward to the first sight of land.  We will be doing the reverse of yours eventually

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