Rowing at Broxbourne

Competitive Rowing
BRC regularly competes against other clubs at local and national level regattas and has on occasion competed overseas. We compete all year round in regattas (side by side races) in the summer and head races (time trials) in the winter season. Most races we attend are run under the British Rowing system. You would begin in a novice / development crew maybe along with people from your beginner’s course with an aim to compete in these events. This would involve commitment to train regularly and achieve a good level of fitness; the frequency of this would depend on your crew but generally requires a minimum of 3 training sessions per week. Racing at Masters level is becoming increasingly popular and events are offered for ages 27 to over 80 based on the average age of the crew.

Recreational Rowing
If competitive rowing and structured training programmes are not for you, recreational rowing is a great option. Recreational rowing still requires stamina and aerobic fitness but is less demanding than competitive rowing and is more about the enjoyment of being on the river than entering races. At BRC we are building our recreational rowing squad and have a core group of people who meet up to row together. This group may also venture further afield, but are more likely to row over the lock to the local pub than be seen at a regatta! We have recently acquired some new boats specifically designed for recreational, touring and coastal rowing.

Most members of the club are aligned to a squad; however it is also possible to enjoy rowing on your own. Experienced scullers will be assessed prior to taking out club equipment, we have a large range of single sculls available for members. There are opportunities to learn to scull with the beginner’s course if you join in the summer, or it may be that you learn later on. You will learn in a training scull and it is essential that you do this under supervision of a coach until you are signed off as competent to avoid a swimming session! Sculling can be enjoyable for all levels and provides some independence on when you train. Please speak to one of the beginner coaches if you are interested in learning.

We are always looking for new coxes to join our crews! Coxing involves steering the boat and providing motivation for the crew. We are always very happy to train new coxes, please speak to any of the rowing committee if interested. Although coxes for racing are usually lightweight there are far fewer restrictions for training purposes and the best coxes at club level are not always the lightest people.

Fitness Training

Your squad VC will coordinate training activities on and off the water for your squad. These will include regular gym cardio and strength training activities and ergo tests.

Ergos: The rowing machine is the best option for non-water based fitness training. We have 16 machines at the club available for all members to use. Your squad vice captain will provide a training program  for athletes in the squad.

Circuit training: Circuit sessions open to all are held starting at 7pm on Tuesdays. Please arrive 10 minutes early before your first session to ensure you understand each exercise.

Yoga: Yoga sessions are open to all and run on a Friday evening at 17:30 for a 30 minute session (£3) and 18:00 for a full hour (£6). Yoga is great for increasing flexibility, and injury prevention and recovery.


Men: The men’s squad are very ambitious and aim to compete well at  all the major domestic head races and regattas. Our ultimate aim is to qualify a crew for Henley Royal Regatta each year and we have achieved this aim regularly.

Women: Our women’s squad has grown considerably over the last few years. We have a large range of abilities from novice to expert and compete successfully at the highest levels in both head races and regattas.

Masters: Our masters section is one of the largest parts of the club. With a range of abilities we compete successfully at all levels including European and World masters championships. In 2018 we won 3 golds at the European masters in Munich.

Juniors: We have a  large and very active junior squad and all members up to age 18 are aligned to this squad. The juniors train separately from adult rowers due to different coaching requirements and child welfare considerations; this is why if you join with your child you will not learn on the same course. Download the prospective junior member form.

Recreational: Another large section of the club, our recreational rowers enjoy a more relaxed approach to rowing with a focus on touring rather than racing. We have a large fleet of recreational boats and take part in many touring events throughout the year and the great river race too. Our latest boat addition is an ‘octuple’ which is great fun to row!

Development: Our development squad is aimed at those who have completed a learn to row course and would like to race. This squad bridges the gap between learning and racing by providing coaching and training advice to raise the ability and fitness of new rowers so they are ready to join a squad.