Welcome to the Broxbourne Rowing Club website! We are friendly rowing club with a fine fleet of boats, a fully equipped gym, and a modern, spacious club house with a bar. We row pretty much undisturbed on a delightful stretch of the river Lea. We compete vigorously and successfully in local and national races and welcome all including senior, masters, beginners, juniors and recreational rowers.

If you haven’t rowed before, the sport provides full-body outdoor fitness, stimulates your senses and challenges you physically. There are few things as exhilarating as rowing at full pressure in a well synchronised crew. We run regular Learn to Row courses for juniors and adults to set you on your way.

If you are a more experienced rower, you will find a racing crew to meet your aspirations, whether you want to compete at Henley, in the masters world championships, or national and provincial races.

Some prefer to enjoy recreational rowing and our touring boats travel far and wide on long weekends away, or compete in pageant-spectaculars like the Great River Race.

We also welcome aspiring and experienced coaches and coxes. These vital members of the club have the opportunity to make a real difference to the crew. Inexperienced or new coxes will receive support, training and coaching and are unlikely to be short of crews to practice with!

If you are interested please get in touch with the club.




While everything on our website is 15% off, we've just added a whole load of products that weren't previously listed, and we're continuing to do so!

Keep an eye particularly on our "Clearance" page, but within various other collections too!

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@CityPolice We are aware of reports circulating on social media.

We will release facts when we can - our info must be accurate.

Shout out to all the coaches and marshalls who end up looking like this at the end of most sessions this time of year 👏

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Good luck to our scullers racing on Saturday. .. 28° over here, imagining a tad chiller over there🌨❄


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6 days ago

Broxbourne Rowing Club

It's not very often that our LTR group get 'stroked' by a Boat Race winner 👍

'Chris, sit up straight ... you're supposed to be setting an example' 😉

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If anyone is in any doubt about the change in weather, just check the rears of our coaches and marshalls ... ...

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2 weeks ago

Broxbourne Rowing Club

Huge thank you to everyone who sent through photos on Sunday including Sarah, Paul, Roger, and Rob .. and to those who's tweets I pinched, and Facebook photos saved 😉 ...

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In reality, pap will be missing for the next three weeks but virtually, I'm still here 😁👍

Take pics, any pics, send them through and celebrating, embarrassing, sharing, etc etc, shall continue.

There's an hour before an 11hr+ silence ... missing you already ...

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