31 July 2020 Temporary Covid-19 Gym Rules … and please note Andy’s wonderful paint job :)

Obviously, there will be changes in terms of how the gym can safely be used for the foreseeable future. Please adhere to all rules. And for the safety of all members, if you see someone forgetting to adhere, please politely remind them. 

 Booking and Access 

  1. Book your session as you would any equipment at http://www.fitclub.me/login 
  • Use of the gym will be limited to one-hour time slots, with a maximum capacity of 9 in the Gym area (ie. one person per erg/bike + 1 Coach), we will have 6 ergs and 2 bikes that can be booked. No spectators, and do not wait in the gym area for your session to start. 
  • Ad hoc stretching can be done in the designated area, but if the gym is full when you arrive to stretch, we ask that you leave immediately and return when there is space. Please build stretching into your session. 
  • Where possible wear face coverings inside (excluding whilst exercising) 

On Arrival 

  • Please arrive in your sports kit. The changing rooms are not in use. 
  • Please sign in via the book near the entrance. 
  • Please maintain social distancing at all times.  
  • Please use hand sanitiser on entry (located by the gym entrance) 

General Rules 

  • Use of the gym will be limited to ergs, bikes or stretching mats. With the exception of the mats, please book your time slot. (DO NOT ENTER THE GYM IF CAPACITY IS AT MAX) 
  • You must clean down any equipment before and after use, please allow for ten minutes at the end of your session to properly clean everything. Alcohol solution and paper towels or wet wipes will be provided. 
  • When you start your workout, please clean your equipment, when you leave, Clean your equipment 
  • No shouting or singing as it promotes spread of the virus. Do not shout to get someone’s attention. 
  • With the exception of extreme weather, windows should be opened on arrival and closed when leaving. 
  • DO NOT MOVE EQUIPMENT. Three ergs are placed in the boat shed for outside use. 
  • Please leave before your session ends to avoid crossover with incoming users – this may mean 45 minutes of exercise with a few minutes either side for cleaning and sanitising. We appreciate your help with this. 


  • Showers and changing rooms are not in use. All members are asked to arrive in kit and shower at home. 
  • The kitchen is closed; all members should bring their own water bottle. 
  • Use of the weights is currently prohibited until further notice. 

This document has been put together in agreement with the management and rowing committee while restrictions are in place and will be updated as and when restrictions are lifted, is subject to change at the club’s discretion, and will be reviewed on a weekly basis. 

If you or anyone in your household are experiencing any Covid symptoms please do not attend the club and follow the government guidelines on self-isolation.  

All Members attend the club at their own risk and their own choice 

  1. Maximum 8 People + 1 Coach allowed in the gym at any one time. 
  1. Only Rowing Machines and bikes can be used. 
  1. DO NOT change or move equipment. 
  1. All equipment to be wiped down before and after use. 
  1. All members must book equipment via fitclub. 

To go www.fitclub.me 

Make sure you have signed up and asked to join Broxbourne Rowing Club 

  1. Select Broxbourne Rowing Club 
  1. Equipment 
  1. Bookings 
  1. Other 
  1. Select erg or Bike and Time. 
  1. No bookings more than 5 days in advance

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