Coronavirus Update 15.5.20

Dear BRC members,
The following has been put together in agreement with the Management and Rowing Committees while restrictions are in place, and will be updated as and when restrictions are lifted, and is subject to change at the club’s discretion.

The following is effective from Friday 15th May 2020 until further notice.

If you or anyone in your household are experiencing any Covid symptoms, do not attend the club, and follow the government guidelines on self-isolation.

All Members attend the club at their own risk and at their own choice, and must adhere to Government Guidelines at all times. 

  • There is no access to the club house, gym, kitchen, changing rooms or WC’s, you must attend the club ready to row and leave the club in the same way.*
  • There are several high contact points such as the gate and door codes, please sanitise your hands before and after contact (bring your own hand sanitizer).
  • All equipment must be cleaned before and after use with clean soapy water, including boats, blades and trestles. Club Boats and Oars to be booked via fitclub, your VC or Captain.
  • All normal security measures must be complied with i.e. shutting the boat bay shutters and gate when you leave.
  • All other rules still apply, please take care of equipment it needs to be shared by many, and please report any damage or issues via fitclub, your VC or Captain.
  • Please always bear in mind that at this time you may have to wait to access the landing stage and/or boat shed, as such we ask all members to remember to be patient and observe social distancing measures.
  • Only single sculling is allowed (if anyone wants to use a larger boat e.g. a double with members of the same household contact the Captain for permission and boat booking)
  • Only competent rowers are allowed out. It is advised against going out alone. Bring a change of clothes in case of capsize.

As supervision is required, the times below have been allocated for our Junior Squad only
Saturday 11am – 1pm
Sunday 1pm – 3pm
Tuesday 5pm – 7pm
Wednesday 5pm – 7pm
Friday 5pm – 7 pm

If you have any questions on the above guidance please do NOT hesitate to contact a member of either the Management or Rowing Committee.
*In the event of an Emergency the club house may be accessed.

Boat Booking
In order to book boats, please use the fitclub app or contact your VCC, alternatively please contact the Captain. We will be trialling a new boat booking system, the application. We would ask that all members sign up and join Broxbourne Rowing Club . If you need help with this, please do not hesitate to contact the Captain at or speak to your Vice Captain.

We hope you are all well and that the impact of the pandemic is not too great for you.

All the best
Broxbourne Rowing Club Management Committee

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