Recs are rowing around the World … and shortly to feature on Radio 5

During Lockdown, the Broxbourne Friday Rowers have continued to  meet up for coffee on Zoom and been training  and ergo-ing ‘together’. We wanted to encourage each other on and decided it would be fun to have a goal. Why not row around the world?

We set off from BRC rowing down the Lea to the Thames and then out to the sea. We then rowed the English Channel to Lands End and carried on to reach Cork by Wednesday 22nd April.

Gradually we were supported by more and more Friday Rowers, Tourers, Recreational rowers and even Learn to Row. We now have 26 adding to the distance on ergos, bikes, running, walking etc Some have clocked up well over 300k individually and the newest recruit is on just 2.6K but all are enthusiastically doing mileage even Chris Moody who cannot leave his house.

We are now just short of Tenerife having done a total of 2,852.84 Kilometres. Tomorrow we will launch out across the Atlantic.

We have visited Sandbanks in Dorset, Cork in Ireland, Baiona in Spain, Porto, Lisbon and Portamao in Portugal with photos on the way!

We will not stop until all are able to row on the Lea even if some can add real water time in before others.

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