2018/9 Juniors VC Report

The Junior squad has competed at numerous events over the past year and have achieved 28 wins

This year’s Junior Brit Champs had 6 athletes taking part, reaching 1 B final, 1 C final, a D final and an E final. The boys J15 2x finished 10th overall, the girls WJ 16 1x finished 14th overall, the girls WJ18 1x finished 23rdh overall and the girls WJ16 2x finished 24th overall.

Eight new young athletes have completed a L2R and have joined our squad and are progressing well.

Thank you to Patrick Whitman, Harry Price, Charlotte Lewis, Jess Nash and Matilda Ramnami for their work as the Junior council who have represented the junior members throughout the year and who have contributed to the overall running of the club through the AGM and various meetings.

As always we have lost a number of junior athletes to university and work and we wish them all well in their future endeavours wherever they may go and hope that the values and passion for rowing that they have learnt whilst at Broxbourne will continue and that one day they will be back at Broxbourne helping our current juniors on their rowing journey.

And finally, I must say a very big thank you to my fellow vice captains Michelle Bryant Fowler and Bruce Marsden and to all the junior coaches who have supported the Vice-captains throughout the year; that is, Andy Orpin, Pete Damer and Jane Denyer.

Rob Day

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